Top 5 mistakes made by newbie riders

When you are new on a motorcycle, almost everything can (and probably will) happen. We all have been there, and sometimes it is best to get certain tips from people who have been through that before you and can advise you better. That is why we are going to review the most common mistakes of beginner motorcyclists and some driving tips to avoid them. According to a study by the World Health Organization, motorcycle drivers are, along with pedestrians, the road safety agents with the highest risk of suffering a traffic accident.

#1 Speeding

Exceedingly, the speed increases the chances of falling or hitting a fixed object on the road. Therefore, speed limits must be respected both inside the city and outside it. Not only will you be safe, but you will also save some speed ticket money, and doctor’s bills.

#2 Safety Equipment

The helmet is the most important element of a motorcyclist equipment. With that in mind, you have to wisely choose only among approved helmets. Also, think of safety rather than design. Choosing the right size is essential, remember that although you must squeeze your head in it, it should not hurt while wearing. When people buy their first motorcycle, they usually think that since they will only use it to move around the city, they do not need to spend too much on safety equipment. However, bear in mind that many motorcycle accidents occur precisely on urban streets. When driving motorcycle, the “chassis” is your body so you must wear approved clothing and bet on a good helmet.

#3 Not Giving Proper Maintenance to Your Bike

Just as important as driving with caution is performing periodic maintenance on your vehicle. The wear or decay of certain systems, such as brakes or suspension, increases the chances of an accident, not being able to brake on time, or having your engine not responding as commanded, is not only infuriating and frustrating but also quite dangerous.

#4 Size DOES Matter

When the time of choosing your motorcycle comes, keep in mind that driving a bigger one than you can control can and most certainly will cause more than one scare (and perhaps even a scar). Experts in road safety insist on the importance of the driver’s position and the distribution of their weight for safe driving. Besides, riding a bike that is too big for you is a serious safety concern, not only for you, but for the rest of the riders and pedestrians as well, so, choose a bike with the right size for you.

#5 Reckless Driving

Some drivers overtake on the right and drive between vehicles, especially in the city, increasing the chances of being hit by another moving vehicle. Therefore, always use the left lane to overtake and drive on the right.

If during the first days of owning a new bike everything goes smoothly, it is likely that sooner than you expect, you will believe that you control the motorcycle and start trusting yourself. However, driving a motorcycle entails a long learning process, even motorists who have done thousands of kilometres do not trust themselves completely because they know that on the road it is better to stay focused.  Beware of all surroundings on all sides, don’t try to do “tricks” that could end in serious injuries and above all, be safe.

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