Top 3 Women in BMX

Women have been changing the face of BMX for several years. Little by little they have achieved a lot, and as for the moment, we have discovered 3 Female BMX riders who deserve all the attention they can get. They are the ones shaping the future of the sport for both male and female competitors.

On that subject, it is timely to say that freestyle has been added to Tokyo’s 2020 Olympics, so now BMX women are finally hitting the main stage alongside their male counterparts. The UCI Urban World Championships paid the men and women equally, by giving US$10,000 to the winner in both categories. Such a large award was never given to female riders before this. So this is definitely a big step up.

Angie Marino

This American rider competing in BMX has won the 2017 UCI Urban World Championship bronze medal, on the freestyle test. Things are looking bright since she left Fit Bike Co, for reasons that are unknown to most of us, but Angie gave a response to her public, clarifying that she wanted to go back to her primary focus and show her appreciation and gratefulness to the family that sponsored her for six years. Meanwhile, she continues doing her awesome tricks and training hard for the next season of BMX tournaments.

Nikita Ducarroz

Nikita Ducarroz is a twenty-one years old ass-kicker freestyle BMX athlete. Living in San Diego for the moment, right now she’s riding for Mongoose Bikes, Extreme, Black&Decker, Joby, and G-Form.  Now with all these major sponsors, and being so young, she’s got all her future in front of her.

When she was asked for empowering quote for girls who want to start on BMX, her words were kind and strong to encourage all young girls out there to fiercely pursuit their dreams and whatever they want. She also admits that while going to a skatepark for the first time by yourself can be a little intimidating, that’s exactly what young girls should be doing if they want a career in BMX. Being there is the only way to connect to others who love those tricks that you want to learn and almost everyone in the BMX community is open and happy to teach new, confident and enthusiast riders.

Maca Perez

Chile is known for its wines, Easter Island, soccer and now, for their very own female BMX superstar; Macarena (aka. La Maca) Perez. She’s been giving fans a lot of shows and is certainly someone we should keep an eye out for her on the upcoming performance in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

As her career goes, this young woman, with only twenty years of age, is looking forward to Tokyo’s 2020, now that her category is to be included. As far as the competitions go, she might be smaller than most, but she’s a giant when it comes to riding.

There are plenty of female BMX riders to talk about and to keep tabs on, but as for “new revelations” these 3 girls are showing to, a mostly testosterone-filled sport, that women can do it too, on their standards and qualifications, regardless of their own “lady-like” nature.  Remember, lionesses are the ones who hunt.

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