Top 3 Motocross All-Time Legends

It has not been an easy task to make this list. It’s clear that everyone has their own favourite, regardless of the successes they have achieved. But, in the end, we had no choice but to draw on the winners of each of the names we had on the board to make this selection. A compilation of the legends that have marked the Motocross World Championship history. From the first, Joël Robert, to the last, Antonio Cairoli.

It’s obvious that in the history of motocross, as in any other speciality, great and exceptional riders have appeared, but, among them, only a few have stood out for their unparalleled qualities and feats. Throughout its 64 years, the MX World Championship has given us a handful of names, although very few have marked a before and after in the history of this sport. We introduce you to the privileged who have passed the cut and show you what they have been able to do.

Joël Robert

He doesn’t have the same number of world titles as Everts and Cairoli, but according to the experts in the field, Jöel is remembered as the most talented rider in motocross history. His driving style was very particular, as he always went around the curve showing an incredible control of skidding. In his best time, he was so superior to the rest of the pilots that he allowed himself the luxury of doing exhibitions, such as stopping in front of the tribune in the middle of the race, getting off the bike and kissing the hand of some beautiful girl in the audience. He’s a 6 times Motocross World Champion.

Stefan Everts

Son of the four-time Motocross World Champion, Harry Everts, Stefan has stood out for his unrivalled and exemplary piloting. An outstanding rider who was admired for his extremely smooth style and for riding on his feet for much longer than his rivals, achieving a unique control. At the end of his racing career, his vast experience allowed him to achieve an impressive consistency. In 2003 he made history in this sport after winning in the three categories (125cc, MXGP and 650cc) that were performed the same day in the GP of Erneé (France). In 2006 he set a new record of victories, 14, in the 15 GG.PP. that were disputed in the year of his retirement. 10 times Motocross World Champion.

Antonio Cairoli

Cairoli’s sports career began at age seven and, ever since then, it has been dizzying. He is acknowledged as the pilot of the Motocross World Championship that has won the most consecutive titles in the highest category and a great part of his success is due to his faithful association with Claudio de Carli and his team, Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Team. Of course, we must add his talent, enthusiasm, determination and the love he feels for this sport. He likes racing, people, the environment, excitement and almost every aspect of his work. Yes, he’s Motocross’ Valentino Rossi. 8 times Motocross World Champion.

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