Tips for a Beginner Motorcyclist

Learning to ride a motorcycle is something many people aspire to do. Riding a motorcycle can be lots of fun and a new way for you to see the world. Even if you don’t have your own motorcycle, you can still learn to ride, as many beginner riding classes offer instruction along with a motorcycle for you to use. The single most important thing aside from learning how to ride, is making sure that you and the others that you’ll share the road with, stay safe. However, with a little instruction, practice, and the right knowledge, you can be well on your way to learning something you’ve always wanted to learn. Here are several tips for a beginner motorcyclist to get started.

Motorcycling on a long road

Do research

Whether or not you already have a motorcycle, it’s important to do your research. If you don’t have a bike, research to find out the best one for you. You can also visit motorcycle shops to check them out in person. You also want to do your research on where you want to go to practice riding your motorcycle. It’s not a good idea to practice in heavy traffic areas. So, look around your city for open spaces, such as unattended parking lots and empty streets to get your practice in.

Buy your gear

When you first start out with a new sport or activity, there’s always essential gear that you need in order to stay safe. Not only will your motorcycle gear keep you safe, but it will also help you ride more efficiently. As a beginner rider, you’re more likely to have a few tip-overs and falls on your bike, so riding without proper attire can be dangerous. Most places, by law, require you to wear a helmet while operating your motorcycle. In addition to a helmet, you should also invest in some eye protection, leather jacket and pants, sturdy boots, and riding gloves. Getting the proper gear doesn’t have to be super expensive, but it is definitely needed, as even the most experienced of riders get into motorcycle accidents.

Get familiar with your bike

If you’re not familiar with all of the parts of a motorcycle, then you need to do so before you even get on it. Handling a motorcycle requires good hand, eye, and foot coordination. With good coordination and familiarity of the different motorcycle controls, it will be easy to pass your motorcycle driver’s exam. Make sure you know where the brakes are located, where the choke is and how to turn it off, and adjust your mirrors. Also, familiarize yourself with where the gearshift and clutch levers are which are extremely important when it comes to operating your motorcycle.

Getting to know your bike is imperative

Learn the laws

Every country or state is different when it comes to laws associated with motorcycle riding. Many of them offer a small handbook with laws and important information for operating your bike. As mentioned above, many countries or states require you to wear a helmet, but some also have laws regarding requirements for obtaining your motorcycle permit, proper gear needed to ride, and how to handle dangerous road conditions and mechanical issues. It is important to know the laws so that you can abide by them, not only to stay safe, but to ensure you don’t break any of them.

Get out there

Once you’ve taken all the necessary precautions, now it’s time to get out there and ride your motorcycle. Now is the time to apply all you’ve learned whether it’s been through a class or on your own. Be sure to wear your motorcycle gear and inspect your bike before starting it up. When you go out for your first ride, be sure to go alone. It is not recommended when you’re just started out to take on passengers, as this can become overwhelming and cause you to have an accident. Get to know your bike a little, get out there and ride, and also make mistakes before inviting a friend or family member out for a ride with you.

Riding motorcycle for pleasure

Just like any sport or activity that you want to be the best at, it takes a tremendous amount of practice and hard work to perfect it. The tips listed above can really help you become the best motorcyclist possible. There are many reasons that people choose to ride motorcycles; some people ride for fun and for others it’s a passion. I personally have a passion for playing blackjack and poker, and at the beginning, it was just something I did for my pleasure. However, now I’ve mastered the art of these games and I play in some of the most famous poker tournaments all over the world. I wouldn’t have reached this level without taking it seriously and working towards bettering my skills everyday. You need that same mindset in order to be a good motorcyclist as well.

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