Motorcycle Modding Basics: Here’s What You Need to Know

So, we know our motorcycles as the palm of our hands. We put and remove everything that we like. This is a huge part of the “having a motorcycle” game. It’s exciting. Dedicating that kind of time to our greatest passion is something that takes over our minds. You think about it the whole week while drinking our morning coffee, on our way to work, even, during those boring meetings at the office.

The only downside is that sometimes, taking a bike down has very unpleasant consequences.

It’s important to know them so that you can make a decision and take the necessary precautions, putting your hands into a motorcycle can’t be undone with crtl+z, you know?

What The Experts Say

Each and every manufacturer will certainly recommend that you do not add accessories or features that are not your bike’s brand and model. Though it sounds a little too convenient coming from manufacturers, sometimes they are right. By modifying or adding some accessories you can change the balance centre of your bike, and reduce its load capacity or power, among other things. So here we want to make some recommendations for you to bear in mind before getting your hands dirty, and save you the mechanics’ visit (and some money as well).

Basics of Modding

  • Make sure that the accessory does not interfere with any lights, reduces the distance to the ground or the lateral inclination angle. Make sure that it doesn’t interfere with the suspension either, nor the movement of the direction, or alter your driving position or interfere with the operation of none of the controls. So yeah, it’s not as easy as buying a part and adding it wherever.
  • Make sure that the electrical equipment does not exceed the capacity of the motorcycle’s electrical system. A blown fuse can cause a loss of light or power to the engine and that will result in a pretty expensive visit to the mechanic.
  • Do not attach a trailer or sidecar to the motorcycle. This will significantly modify the balance of the motorcycle. It will force the natural movement and inclination of the motorcycle, bikes have not been designed to carry these accessories, and their use can seriously impair the handling.
  • Removing or modifying the lights, mufflers, emission control system or other parts of the original equipment can also make it an illegal vehicle, check your country’s “vehicular modding” papers and you’ll have zero problems.
  • And our last recommendation is very important: carefully review the manufacturer’s prestige of the piece you are buying. Although it doesn’t seem like much, these sometimes do not have the correct specifications and break while riding causing major accidents. So make sure that the modification has the correct specifications and quality.

Well now that we know some of the most the important details to consider, make your own decision regarding those modifications and enjoy your toy. And even if you can’t resist going the DIY route, always talk to an expert when in doubt, it’s better to pay a little to an advisor than trashing your bike.

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