Easiest BMX tricks for beginners

Once you get started on BMX, it gets addictive. You start reading up on different BMX bikes and gear, your YouTube history is filled with BMX videos, and you start obsessing about BMX tricks. You dream of the day when you’ll be able to master them like a pro.

If you’ve already got your bike, is time to get started. It is true that most BMX tricks, however easy they might seem, need a lot of work and practice, but if you stick to it and are consistent in your efforts, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to do them eventually. Just try to keep in mind that most beginners tend to need a month or two before they get the easiest tricks right, so don’t feel discouraged if you’re not very good right away:


For this first trick, you’ll need to pull up while simultaneously leaning back, and once you get the front tire of your bike at the height you want, you’ll need to push forward to bring your back tire up. Once that you have both tires up in the air, is time to pull the whole bike towards you.

BMX Manual

Just as a pulling a bunny out of a hat is a magician’s staple, the manual BMX trick is a must-know trick for any rider. What you have to do is balance the bike on its back wheel. This will be essential later on when trying to link other tricks together.

The Bunny Hop

This is probably one of the easiest tricks you will ever pull. What you need to do is jump your bike off the ground. Make sure that both of the wheels leave the floor at exactly the same time, elevate your front wheel a bit higher than the back, and that’s it!

Tire Stall (park trick)

Start by riding straight up to the lip. Then J-Hop while turning your bike 90 degrees to your ride. When you feel the wheels reaching the top of the lip, you need to hold the bike in place and hop back 90 degrees.

The 180

This trick is one of the more popular ones since it’s usually used to provide an extra flair to more simple ones. What you want to do is ride forward, then you’ll lift the front wheel while looking over your shoulder. Immediately after, lift and kick out your back wheel so that it turns you completely around. The cool thing about this trick is that you can use as a transition in a line of tricks. For instance, you can start with a manual, go for a bunny hop, follow it up with a 180, and finish it the line with a J-Hop. It might not sound like much, but it will sure look impressive for any beginner.

Disaster (park trick)

To practice this trick, ride up to the front of the transition, at the top do a J-Hope and then a 180 degrees spin, while hitting the ground you will need to keep the bike’s back tire out of the pipe. The front tire, on the other hand, needs to be in the pipe and used to do a bunny hop back in the end.

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